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Certified Life Coach and Mediator


Coaching for Individuals



   “I was energized and inspired by our conversation so much that I made the most passionate speech (from the heart) in front of 175 donors, dignitaries, staff, community partners and families. I owned it! Your willingness to help me with open and honest feedback truly made a great impact. Silencing my inner critic (even for a couple of hours/minutes) makes the world of difference.” “Catharine” an Executive Leader in Health Care

"I can’t say enough how important and helpful this experience was for myself while figuring out how to move forward." Kurt

"You're not only a great sounding board; but since your original coaching, I'm hearing myself for the first time.  And I notice that I'm stronger." 

“Rick is the kind of life-coach who is prepared to go on the journey with you. He's committed, focused and equipped with alternatives to help you achieve your goals. His style is flexible, meeting you where you're at on every issue and ready to offer more guidance when needed. Rick is supportive and helps you see the possibilities and opportunities around you.”

 "Rick  is amazing. I had not experienced using a life coach before, but now I  wish I had. I cried at one point and that was when Rick led me down a  thought process that brought me to a realization of how my problem is  solved.  He helped me to get to know my potential. He saw who I was and  helped me to find that guy."


What have you gained from coaching?
"A better perspective on who I am as an individual. wonderful insight into how I am capable of changing my own outlook and therefore my own  life."

"The reminder of my being in control of the process"

" Useful knowledge and tools to assist me in continuing my process"

"Rick  has always brought a significant paradigm shift into each meeting. I entered into each session with a whole heart , and I received the most amazing self-discovery. I appreciated the lessons of who I see myself as, learning what stops me and what to do when I hit the wall." 

Who are you now compared to previously?
" A new man in many ways.  I have gained my sense of independence, to finally become the individual that I’ve hidden away for decades."

What were the things that you really appreciated?
"Patience and attention to detail.   For the first time in a long time, there was an individual there strictly to listen to me without judgement, and only my personal growth as the goal."


Coaching for Groups


"We have been fortunate to have worked with you lots of times now. You continue to be engaging, proactive with materials and initial requirements, and well planned. I enjoy how interactive your trainings are.  They keep the group engaged, and are thought provoking.  You also strive to have us all come together as a team, and as a board that is very important.
I like how we have a better understanding of how each of our personalities come to the table, to work as a group.  The insights have allowed us to know our strengths, and also areas we are deficient in, and need to continue working on.  We are a stronger team because of your training.  I also enjoy your encouragement Rick, it is empowering!"
Jeremiah Edmonds, Board Chair,  The AIDS Network

"It was a meaningful and engaging experience, and the environment that you facilitated for us felt mutually supportive, respectful and truly a learning environment. I felt a deeper sense of connection with everyone, and felt my inner motivational bucket for our collective work was replenished.”

Khaled Salam, Executive Director, AIDS Committee of Ottawa

“Rick Kennedy has a  gift of creating  space and comfort for people to speak from the heart – it is always something I watch and pay attention to. I was thrilled with how engaged and committed everyone was to support and explore ways to further enhance our work.” Sean Rourke, Scientific and Executive Director, Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)

"Rick’s approach to our organizational development day was a breath of fresh air compared to what one might expect from a consultant.Rick made what would otherwise have been a very dry meeting interesting and engaging.
Rick’s artful way of moving the agenda along gently while still ensuring everyone’s voices were heard was a difficult task with our group of opinionated folks, but it resulted with us having more respect for one another. As a direct benefit from Rick’s research and planning day, our committee was able to secure funding. Rick’s tailored approach to our group, including the in-depth research, concrete strategies and informed ideas helped us get Aging with Pride to the next level.  Because of this day, we are now a provincially funded organization which has grown both in size and organizational capacity."

Colin Boucher, Aging with PRIDE  in Grand River County

“You were willing to work within our budget and still give us what was needed to rethink and re-position the organization. You delivered exactly what you said you would, plus more. You enhanced the capacity of the Board of Directors, Chair and the Executive Director through regular communication and specific guidance. The environmental scan was of high quality and will help The Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC) identify future issues to address for a very long time. You approached your work with humility and integrity that helped to develop trust between yourself, the Board of Directors and staff. This ensured that that outputs and outcomes of your work found a way to become integrated into Board of Director governance and operational plans."

Shelina Karmali, Executive Director, Canadian Treatment Access Council